Recently I bought a perfumed lotion that my mum used to wear… and as I put it on tonite I reflected on all the memories.. because Father’s day will do that to you. I associate the smell of that perfumed lotion with being a very small girl in Papua New Guinea, being woken up by an extremely happy mother and father returning after an evening out, and remembering the combination of the smells of the perfume, cigarettes, and alcohol as they kissed us goodnight, and thinking to myself that that had to be the best smell ever. I think what I was really loving was their happiness. I miss those two. Dad would have been 100 years old this year! 100! Tonite, when Stewart and I are out to celebrate Father’s Day, I’ll raise a toast to him, to my dad, and to his dad, not to mention the two new dads in our family. So here’s to you Stewart, and Big Bill, and Stanley, and Adrian and Channing. All amazing fathers, and all very loved.


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